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The most reliable and dependable LoRaWAN Sensors and LoRaWAN Gateways, all LoRaWAN Alliance Certified to the latest standards and essential best practice with full CE and FCC certifications.  The very best LoRaWAN products delivering absolute reliability and confidence in LoRaWAN deployments. LoRaWAN solutions your business can depend on. Concept13 a world leading reseller of LoRaWAN products delivering experience, advice, support and guaranteed results. We are more than just a distributor, we guarantee results with simple configuration, extensive coverage/range and exceptional battery life on our LoRaWAN Sensors up to 10 years.  Concept13 respected across the world for its leadership in identifying, sourcing, provisioning and supporting the latest LoRaWAN products from the World’s leading manufacturers. 

Guaranteed results | Simple configuration | Years of operation (from the LoRaWAN experts)

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