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LoRa IoT devices are at the heart of any IoT network. Providing valuable data collected from the streets, from offices and from homes, LoRa tracking devices fuel IoT networks that provide us with intelligence, insights and connectivity that allows for better business processes, better living and even a better environment.  At Concept13, we source a vast array of IoT devices, including emerging technology that has barely been introduced to the market. From simple home use devices to sophisticated devices that are used in enterprise level IoT projects, all our devices are handpicked, rigorously tested, configured and then sold to facilitate dependability and performance, when put to use in your IoT project.


Concept13 has the resources to cater to your bespoke IoT device and sensor needs as well, capable of engineering and manufacturing LoRa devices when off-the-shelf devices don’t meet your custom needs. Whether you need LoRa low power devices, IoT temp sensor, LoRa GPS Sensor, LoRa security devices or LoRa tracking devices, Concept13 can immediately source or manufacture what you need to deploy your IoT technology solution.

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  • The Elsys ELT-2 LoRA sensor provides a configurable LoRaWAN solution for specialist projects.  It supports digital and analogue signals, allowing endless sensor solutions, including electricity meters, flow meters, analogue sensors and more.  The ELT-2 are recommended for use-cases that require external sensors, for example, temperature sensor probes, water levels and ultrasonic distance sensors....

  • The Elsys ERS CO2 LoRa® sensor is designed to monitor Carbon Dioxide levels.  (LoRaWAN™ Certified Product). Suitable for confined spaces, cellars, boiler rooms (commercial or domestic) and other environments.  The Sensor provides frequent sampling every 15 minutes (or as needed) alerting instantly to concerning conditions.  Providing immediate notification of risk to health....

  • The Elsys ESM5k is a small LoRaWAN sensor ideally suited for refrigeration temperature sensor readings. Inside, it contains a temperature sensor, humidity sensor, light and accelerometer.  ESM5k is a small  LoRaWAN™  sensor enclosed in a small ABS box (60x35x20mm).  Inside the ESM5k you will find four/five internal sensors: temperature sensor, humidity sensor, light sensor and an accelerometer. ...


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