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LoRaWAN Sensors are the ideal solution for smart cities, smart buildings and smart industry applications.   LoRaWAN Sensors delivering regular insights up to distances of 25km’s from a single AA battery with accurate results.

It is LoRaWAN Sensors that are powering the digital revolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) 

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LoRaWAN devices fuel IoT networks providing us with intelligence, insights and connectivity that allows for better business processes, better living and a better environment.  At Concept13, we source a vast array of LoRaWAN sensors, most LoRaWAN certified, with full CE and FCC approvals and all guaranteed to deliver long term results.  All our devices are handpicked, rigorously tested, configured and sold to facilitate dependability and performance, when put to use in your LoRaWAN project.  We ensure the pedigree and integrity of our LoRaWAN sensors to ensure your projects success.


Image:  Street lights controlled over LoRaWAN delivering real-time control, energy efficiency and power consumption driving substantial cost savings .

Concept13 is very different from most other IoT Shops.  We are not just a distributor, we have over 6 years experience which as a Value Added Reseller we stand behind every LoRaWAN sensor we sell with advice, support and next day swap out replacement should the need ever arise.  We ensure every LoRaWAN sensor we promote will meet up to the expectations of reliability, accuracy, years of operation and report over long distances with reliable results.  Paired with also purchasing our LoRaWAN gateways and LoRaWAN network servers, we ensure the results you need to deliver your project and solutions with absolute certainty in achieving the life time value.

Examples of our LoRaWAN Sensors
LoRa Sensors

The Elsys ELT-2 LoRA sensor provides a configurable LoRaWAN solution for specialist projects.  It supports digital and analogue signals, allowing endless sensor solutions, including electricity meters, flow meters, analogue sensors and more.  The ELT-2 is recommended for use-cases that require external sensors, for example, temperature sensor probes, water levels and ultrasonic distance sensors….

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Environmental Sensor

The Elsys ERS CO2 LoRa® sensor is designed to monitor Carbon Dioxide levels.  (LoRaWAN Certified Product). Suitable for confined spaces, cellars, boiler rooms (commercial or domestic) and other environments.  The Sensor provides frequent sampling every 15 minutes (or as needed) alerting instantly to concerning conditions.  Providing immediate notification of risk to health….

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We stock a range of Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Sensors.  The Enlink IAQ comes with Temp, Humidity, CO2, VOC and PM levels as standard, and can be further enhanced with additional bespoke sensors depending on your requirements.

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LoRaWAN Sensor Categories

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