Concept 13 is at the forefront of IoT Solutions, Consultancy, services and implementation.  We’ve been involved in LoRaWAN since 2017, and supported 100’s of companies with their IoT Solutions.   We are trusted by our long term clients to recommend the best LoRaWAN sensors, gateways and networks for their IoT projects.   Via our partner programme, we offer enhanced technical support for end-to-end LoRA connectivity, as well as bulk discount pricing and 3-year warranties.

We are able to provide IoT solutions including provisioning services.  Our services and training offer clients, partners and businesses the know-how to implement LoRaWAN with absolute success.  Our provisioning services ensure every deployment is delivered using the optimal configuration settings for reliable results for years to come.  Concept13 has direct experience of tens of thousands of sensors deployed across hundreds of gateway installations.  Our work in condensed office deployments to city-wide coverage and beyond including rural, urban, campus, utility and even underground.

Our advice means that you can avoid the pitfalls associated with Pilot projects, and deliver outstanding results.  With our experience of LoRaWAN Geo Location, LoRaWAN MultiCast and LoRaWAN Class C we can advise on the very latest thinking and opportunities.  Everything we sell, everything we configure, is backed by our depth of experience.

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