LoRaWAN Consultancy by the Experts

At Concept13, our expert LoRaWAN consultancy is backed by individuals who have a minimum of five years’ experience specific to LoRaWAN.  With combined IOT experience that spans several decades, any one of our experts have the industry know how, ability to manage and guide and the expertise it takes to see your LoRaWAN project and use deliver to its best .   Our LoRaWAN consultancy being truly independent, assessing every use-case on its own merit, by consultants who will state openly what works and critically what doesn’t.   From ideation to deployment and assisting with continued support thereafter – we know how to make LoRaWAN perform. 


But – LoRaWAN is still an emerging technology and Concept13 has been at the extremes of what is possible and equally what can go wrong.  By example, we have seen entire deployments go offline in a single day because of poor firmware.  Sensor batteries running out in weeks not years because of provisioning errors.  Poor architecture resulting in 86% packet loss by join storms.  We have even seen innovative startups fail through reputational damage and misplaced effort by not fully understanding the LoRaWAN stack.  This is why Concept13 exists and our consultancy is relied on by so many.   



Our expertise literally transforms businesses using LoRaWAN.  From simple consultancy to being your strategic LoRaWAN partner.  Everything from a simple call to deployment diagnosis and enterprise level support.  We have the know-how and expertise.  

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A selection of our latest LoRaWAN Consultancy

  • Our Partner was awarded the large scale deployment of a major upgrade of Street Lights across an entire city. The solution enabling the Council to make additional savings on their annual street lighting energy consumption and costs, whilst also delivering operational and maintenance efficiencies. Essential......

  • Concept13 was approached by one of Europe’s largest facility management companies who had a troubled LoRaWAN deployment. Several thousands LoRaWAN sensors within a small confined office building driven by a handful of LoRaWAN gateways. .Substantial packet loss was causing distrust and inaccurate utilisation of resources......

  • Following extensive trials with LoRaWAN with some success, our partner approached Concept13 seeking a LoRaWAN Network Server Comparison. Given the advances in LoRaWAN, the number of new entrants into the LoRaWAN Network Server market and the move by some LoRaWAN Gateway players into the LoRaWAN......


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