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The Things Network Migration
TTN v2 migration deadline

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1st July 2021, The Things Network Community switches to read-only

1st December 2021, The Things Network Community service will be switched off.

The V2 Things Network Community LoRaWAN Network Server is being retired, with the launch of the V3 Community edition now freely available.  This represents a substantial improvement to LoRaWAN compliance, performance and manageability.  Sensors and Gateways must therefore be migrated.

For many, this is relatively simple where direct physical access to LoRaWAN Sensors and LoRaWAN Gateways is available.  However for many businesses who have come to rely on the V2 The Things Network for live commercial deployments, the challenges are far greater.  Physical access may be difficult, costly or take significant time and planning which may not be feasible commercially or practically

Concept13 understand the challenges, and have developed the tools and methods by which most sensors can be migrated without any loss of data, no physical access (other than Gateway) and with minimal effort.  We have automated the entire process, allowing in one instance over 5,000 sensors to be migrated with no outage.  Our approach ensuring absolute message reliability with no loss of service.  .  

If you’re a commercial organisation with 100’s or 10,000’s of sensors that need to be migrated, adopting the right migration approach is critical to mitigating, and protecting your services.  Concept13 are currently supporting several major partners with their migration strategy, including the seamless, same-day migration of 1000’s of sensors in remote locations.   For any migration from any network, we have the experience.

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