LoRaWAN Sensors/Gateways/Networks – in one place

Concept 13 is one of Europe’s leading IoT and LoRaWAN companies, providing the complete IoT solution to organisations looking to implement the latest in LoRa IoT infrastructure. Our expert IoT consulting services combined with streamlined sourcing, supplying and configuring of the latest LoRaWAN devices, LoRaWAN gateways and LoRaWAN networks mean that you stand the best chance of implementing IoT that delivers definite tangible value.

We handpick, rigorously test, configure and then manage the very best Sensors, Gateways and LoRaWAN networks to facilitate dependability and performance. We provide pro-active monitoring, management and resolution of your entire LoRaWAN stack – right up to the point data leaves our systems. Full service management of your Sensors, your Gateways and your own dedicated Things Industries private LoRaWAN cloud.  
Concept 13 – delivering IoT know-how, expertise and confidence.

Our approach to LoRaWAN attainment

  • Sensors

    Choose from our extensive range of handpicked sensors which we will configure, rigorously test and provision for you in the LoRaWAN cloud. Our services ensuring dependable results over extended distances and optimal battery life.

  • Coverage

    We select, configure, thoroughly test and fully install (with optional site survey) a range of the most advanced LoRaWAN gateways. Providing essential coverage of up to 25 miles line-of-sight or up to 800 metres within buildings.

  • LoRaWAN server

    Our expert IoT consultants then help provision, configure and proactively manage the right IoT LoraWAN Network Server specific to you. Whether a private dedicated solution with full SLA, shared public service or closed local installation.

  • Managed SLA

    Finally - we proactively manage your entire LoRaWAN solution. Next day Sensor replacement, Gateway tuning, LoRaWAN management. All of the services you need to ensure the security, reliability and dependability you need.


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Official: Elsys reseller / Things Network & Things Industries Service Provider / MultiTech Distributor