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Discuss your LoRaWAN project requirements and how we can help you save money and reduce risk.

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1) Sales

Acting as your strategic LoRaWAN partner, we will source and supply the appropriate LoRaWAN technology for your market. Sometimes price driven, sometimes battery life-time performance – but always ensuring LoRaWAN products that will out-perform your requirements. Concept13 asking the questions of suppliers and then performing rigorous testing to ensure adherence to the latest standards. We only sell the very best LoRaWAN devices which will guarantee your success,

2) Provisioning

Concept13 can optionally configure and provision to your preferred LoRaWAN Network Server, with live testing, optional re-branding and direct priority dispatch of the technology to you or your end-clients across the world – often the same day. An end to end LoRaWAN service with every LoRaWAN Sensor and LoRaWAN Gateway fully provisioned and tested live to your stated LoRaWAN Network Server (with live traffic seen) to ensure accurate insights and reliable data messages. All backed by our free 3 year extended warranty (for devices provisioned by us).

3) Support

Concept13 acts as your single point of contact for your entire LoRaWAN network from the point data is collected on the LoRaWAN Sensors to the point data leaves the LoRaWAN Network Server. Concept13 available to react too and diagnose your entire LoRaWAN stack to ensure seamless unattended operation without outage. Concept13 providing a second layer of support, extended next day swap out warranty of three years and proactive response to any LoRaWAN outage.

4) Consultancy

Having sold/deployed/managed over one hundred thousand sensors across over a thousand gateway installs from entire city coverage to remote Nepal mountains, Concep13 understand what makes LoRaWAN work. Through our consultancy we can help ensure you get the very best LoRaWAN solutions, while avoiding the unobvious pitfalls and ensuring seamless message delivery. Our expertise backed by our support services, ensures your success when using LoRaWAN as your IoT solution.