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We stock the full range of Elsys sensors with UK stock available for tracked UPS same=day dispatch and next day delivery.  Following significant testing in real-world scenarios, we believe Elsys LoRaWAN sensors are among the most reliable, configurable, and efficient LoRaWAN sensors available.  Concept13 recommend Elsys for the majority of our client’s indoor and bespoke LoRaWAN projects.  

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Elsys EMS-Lite LoRaWAN mini temperature sensorEMS-LiteElsys EMS-Lite LoRaWAN mini temperature sensorTemperature, Humidity£44.00 Excl. TaxAir Quality SensorsIndoor
Elsys ERS-Lite LoRaWAN Temperature SensorERS-LITEElsys ERS-Lite LoRaWAN Temperature SensorTemperature, Humidity£49.00 Excl. TaxAir Quality SensorsIndoor
Elsys EMS-Door - LoRaWAN Door SensorEMS-DOORElsys EMS-Door - LoRaWAN Door SensorAccelerometer, Door£50.00 Excl. TaxOccupancy sensorsIndoor
Elsys EMS LoRa Accelerometer sensorEMSElsys EMS LoRa Accelerometer sensorAccelerometer, Door, water-leak, Temperature, Humidity£54.00 Excl. TaxLoRaWAN Sensors, Air Quality Sensors, Occupancy sensorsIndoor
Elsys ERS-PIR LoRaWAN Motion SensorERS-PIRElsys ERS-PIR LoRaWAN Motion SensorTemperature, Humidity, Light, Motion£58.50 Excl. TaxOccupancy sensorsIndoor
Elsys ELT-1-Lite LoRaWAN Outdoor Sensor - ExtendableELT-1-LITEElsys ELT-1-Lite LoRaWAN Outdoor Sensor - ExtendableAnalogue, Digital, Extendable£65.50 Excl. TaxAir Quality SensorsIndoor
Elsys ERS-Desk LoRaWAN Desk SensorERS-DESKElsys ERS-Desk LoRaWAN Desk SensorDesk-occupancy, Temperature, Humidity, Light, Motion£70.00 Excl. TaxOccupancy sensorsIndoor
EMS Desk Occupancy SensorEMS-DESKEMS Desk Occupancy SensorDesk-occupancy£70.50 Excl. TaxAir Quality SensorsIndoor
Elsys ELT-2-i LoRaWAN Outdoor SensorELT-2-IElsys ELT-2-i LoRaWAN Outdoor SensorAccelerometer, Atmospheric-pressure, Temperature, Humidity£80.00 Excl. TaxAir Quality SensorsIndoor
Elsys ELT-2-HP LoRa Outdoor Sensor - Dual-connectionELT-2-HPElsys ELT-2-HP LoRa Outdoor Sensor - Dual-connectionAccelerometer, Atmospheric-pressure, Temperature, Humidity£90.00 Excl. TaxAir Quality SensorsIndoor
Elsys ERS-EYE LoRaWAN Occupancy SensorERS-EYEElsys ERS-EYE LoRaWAN Occupancy SensorRoom-occupancy, Temperature, Humidity, Light, Motion£115.50 Excl. TaxOccupancy sensorsIndoor
Elsys ERS-Sound LoRA Sound SensorERS-SOUNDElsys ERS-Sound LoRA Sound SensorTemperature, Humidity, Light, Motion, Sound£126.00 Excl. TaxAir Quality SensorsIndoor
Elsys ERS-CO2-Lite LoRa CO2 SensorERS-CO2-LiteElsys ERS-CO2-Lite LoRa CO2 SensorTemperature, Humidity, C02£141.50 Excl. TaxAir Quality SensorsIndoor
Elsys ERS-VOC LoRaWAN Indoor Air Quality SensorELSYS-ERS-VOCElsys ERS-VOC LoRaWAN Indoor Air Quality SensorVOC, Temperature, Humidity, Light, Motion£149.50 Excl. TaxAir Quality SensorsIndoor
ELSYS-ERS-CO2 - LoRaWAN C02 SensorELSYS-ERS-CO2ELSYS-ERS-CO2 - LoRaWAN C02 SensorTemperature, Humidity, Light, Motion, C02£154.50 Excl. TaxAir Quality SensorsIndoor
Elsys ELT-2-i Maxbotix UltrasonicELT-2-I-MaxbotixElsys ELT-2-i Maxbotix UltrasonicAccelerometer, Atmospheric-pressure, Distance, Temperature, Humidity£279.00 Excl. TaxAgricultural SensorsIndoor, Outdoor
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