LoRaWAN Partner Programme

Concept13 as your strategic LoRaWAN Partner, helps ensure the seamless, cost-feasible and risk-averse approach to your LoRaWAN solutions.

Concept13 understands first-hand how powerful LoRaWAN can be in driving new opportunities through the technical advancements LoRaWAN delivers. It is though, still an emerging technology, requiring the skills, experience and knowledge to bring the various components together. A poorly configured stack reducing effectiveness, lost messages and poor battery life. Having strategic experts as your LoRaWAN Partner, will ensure the seamless, cost-feasible and risk-averse approach to LoRaWAN.   Concept13’s Partner Programme.

By partnering with Concept13, we will support your journey and success through our LoRaWAN expertise and knowledge. Our expert IoT consulting services combined with streamlined sourcing, supplying and configuring of the latest LoRaWAN sensors, LoRaWAN gateways and LoRaWAN networks so that you stand the very best chance of implementing IoT that delivers definite tangible value.   We also promise to be cheaper than any other supplier on the products we sell, with full sales support. And if you don’t save money or gain value from our expertise, we will provide our services for free . What we will not do is compete in your market, in your vertical space, with your business.

Strategic LoRaWAN Partnership

Partner Programme Services

  • Advanced Technical Support of the Partners entire LoRaWAN stack including sensors, gateways and a single private LoRaWAN Network Instance. A single point of contact for all LoRaWAN questions without the need to refer to the individual manufacturers or suppliers. Priority channels through the Business to suppliers for faster response times.
  • Enhanced Warranty with instant next day replacement of sensors available for up to 4 years. Unlimited warranty for as long as a valid Partnership Programme remains in place and for products acquired from the Business within the last 4 years.  Extends the manufacturers own 12month return to base warranty.   Also available for gateways for a fee.
  • Further Discounted Pricing through the combined purchasing of products and services for partners in the programme. Guaranteed to be lower than manufacturers own advertised pricing, cheaper than Business consumer pricing (10+) and a price match against any other delivered price.  All available on trade terms of 28 days from date of order.
  • Proactive new Sales Support by the Business’s experienced consultants in helping Partners win new LoRaWAN opportunities. Expert help, consultancy, site installation advice and support with tenders.  The commitment of the Business to work behind the scenes giving the Partner the additional support to secure and win new deals.
  • Reserved Product Availability making available pre-provisioned products ready to dispatch at any time without the upfront fees or requirement to hold stock in house. On volume commitments, private reserved stock fully configured to the Partners exact requirements and available to call-down as and when needed (billed only when dispatched).
  • Enhanced LoRaWAN Provisioning services such as individual LoRaWAN RF gateway mapping services and the optional configuration/provisioning/soak testing of sensors and gateways (for a fee). On larger orders, option to factory configure LoRaWAN devices to a Partner’s exact specifications with downloadable CSV of batch settings.
  • Complimentary Product Services including free product samples and free workshop.  Partners given the first opportunity to trial new products or firmware.  Dedicated tools and scripts available to simplify provisioning and migration. Free on-site workshop when you first join focussing on the best approach to long term LoRaWAN success.