LoRaWAN Temperature Sensors for refrigeration

Our optimised Elsys ESM5k is a small LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor ideally suited for refrigeration temperature sensor readings. Inside, it contains a temperature sensor, humidity sensor, light and accelerometer.  ESM5k is a small  LoRaWAN  sensor enclosed in a small ABS box (60x35x20mm).

Inside the ESM5k you will find four/five internal sensors: temperature sensor, humidity sensor, light sensor and an accelerometer. It can also be fitted with a PIR motion sensor (MOQ=100).

Our sensors are easy to deploy, with a range of mounting options and user replaceable batteries offering wire-free installation.They are powered by one half 3,6V AA lithium battery . The Battery life is estimated to be up to 10 years but depends on sample interval, transmit interval, data rate, power output and environmental factors. All our Elsys sensors are equipped with NFC for easy configuration with an Android phone. With this NFC application you can change sample rate, data rate, encryption keys, triggers, activation and much more. All of the sensors are built on the LoRaWAN stack from Semtech.

The Elsys LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor optimised by Concept13 to deliver dependable results over the furthest range with optimum power.