IoT Consultant Stephen Drewett

Stephen Drewett

Five years’ LoRa / LPWAN market experience driving innovation, technical and commercial leadership in this challenging space. Valued by the industry for his insight, experience and considered approach in overcoming the risks of emerging technology. His value as much attributable to his success as it is the hard lessons and knocks on the way.

Has grown reputation, market share, revenue and profit fro clients via an unrelenting tenacity to overcome commercial, techncial, operational and financial obstacles in complex, evolving and competitive IoT markets. Sought after for capability to build long-term partnerships with clients and partners, and position companies technology for market entry and growth. Recognised for a deep routed technical appreciation of IoT balanced across other demanding business challenges in scaling.

With an open consensus supportive style, partner’s stakeholder teams to achieve performance and acheive new market entrants.  Enjoys leveraging talented teams to outmanoeuvre intense competition, overcome time, cost and commercial constraints, and achieve ground-breaking results.   A pioneering Entrepreneur – Innovator, also loves the commercial vision, broad-based business life-cycle expertise and passion for shaping / differentiating new ventures to maximise all round performance and achieve ground-breaking results in the emerging IoT markets.

Specific interests in the Internet of Things, LoRa LPWAN innovation, Sigofox and NBioT.

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