Synetica ENL-ZNP-CMS – Latest EnLink Zone Plus – Temp/Humidity/LUX/VOC+Pressure/CO2/Motion/Sound

  • Atmospheric-pressure
  • C02
  • Humidity
  • Motion
  • Sound
  • Temperature
  • VOC

£320.00 Excl. Tax

enLink Zone Plus LoRa wireless sensor measures up to 8 air quality / environmental parameters.  enLink Zone Plus uses leading-edge digital sensors to provide high accuracy, long life, drift-free readings without further calibration. The optical CO2 sensor gives ±3% accuracy readings with a sensor life of >15 years.

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* Requires two lithium batteries available here

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The Synetica ENL-ZNP-CMS (Enlink Zone Plus) range expands the Enlin Zone range’s capabilities by integrating sound monitoring alongside increased battery capacity or the flexibility of USB power options. Through the incorporation of environmental, VOCs, and/or CO2 monitoring to facilitate demand control ventilation (DCV), it cultivates a space that promotes the well-being of occupants and operators while optimizing energy efficiency.Enlink Zone Plus also utilizes cutting-edge digital sensors, ensuring precise, enduring, and calibration-free readings. The optional optical CO2 sensor guarantees readings with ±3% accuracy and a sensor lifespan exceeding 15 years.


This version samples Temperature, Humidity, Light, VOC, CO2, Pressure, Motion and Sound  

(See other models for CO2 or motion)


SYNETICA ENL-ZNP-CMS REQUIRES three ER14505 Lithium Battery (not included)


These sensors offer easy setup with multiple mounting options and replaceable batteries, making installation hassle-free without the need for wiring. They are powered by a 3.6V AA lithium battery, providing an estimated lifespan of up to 4 years, depending on factors like sampling frequency, transmission intervals, data rates, power consumption, and environmental conditions. All sensors are built using Semtech’s LoRaWAN stack, ensuring adherence to and certification with the most current LoRaWAN standards.


Configuration:  Configuring the LoRaWAN Sensors is simple via a USB cable and serial terminal software on the PC.   Remote updates to settings can be made via over-the-air downlinks, either during setup or in response to evolving needs. Concept13 also provides optional provisioning services to pre-configure sensors and gateways according to your selected network. Whether it’s The Things Network, Loriot, Orbiwise, or a private LNS. We handle full configuration and live testing. For further details, feel free to get in touch with us.


Decoders: The manufacturers offer a comprehensive collection of the latest decoders for the Synetica ENL-ZNP-CMS – Latest EnLink Zone Plus – Temp/Humidity/LUX/VOC+Pressure/CO2/Motion/Sound. You can access and download them through this manufacturer’s link here.


Frequency and Certification:  Our sensors hold CE and FCC certifications, making them suitable for use in various regions, including US902-928, EU863-870, AS923, AU915-928, and KR920-923. Declarations of Conformity for the EU, compliance with FCC Rules, and Canada’s license-exempt status are available upon request.


Batteries: To achieve peak performance and battery life, we advise using professional-grade EVE lithium ION batteries. These batteries guarantee consistent and dependable operation across varying temperature and humidity conditions. (Please be aware that battery shipping restrictions might lead to potential delays in international shipments.)


Have a question: Feel free to reach out for discussions about your project or any inquiries regarding the Synetica ENL-ZNP-CMS – Latest EnLink Zone Plus – Temp/Humidity/LUX/VOC+Pressure/CO2/Motion/Sound. Seeking a LoRaWAN collaborator to bolster your project? Explore our LoRaWAN Partner Programme. Concept 13 offers discounted training, consultancy services, wholesale pricing for LoRaWAN sensors, provisioning assistance, 3-year warranties, and dedicated technical support tailored for our partners.


Additional Information




LoRaWAN Features

OTAA, ABP, ADR, Adaptive Channel Setup

Node Weight

110 g excluding batteries / 150 g including batteries

Note Dimensions

80 x 120 x 25mm

Sensor Features

Atmospheric-pressure, VOC, Temperature, Humidity, Motion, C02, Sound



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