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EnLink Zone Plus ENL-ZNP-S - LoRaWAN Air Quality Monitor with VOC, LUX, Sound

  • Atmospheric-pressure
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Sound
  • Temperature
  • VOC
EnLink Zone Plus VOC – LoRaWAN Air Quality Monitor with VOC, LUX, Sound enLink Zone Plus LoRa wireless sensor measures up to 8 air quality / environmental parameters, which is everything that the enLink Zone Sensor can monitor plus Sound Level in decibels, it also...

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* Requires two lithium batteries available here


EnLink Zone Plus VOC – LoRaWAN Air Quality Monitor with VOC, LUX, Sound

enLink Zone Plus LoRa wireless sensor measures up to 8 air quality / environmental parameters, which is everything that the enLink Zone Sensor can monitor plus Sound Level in decibels, it also has additional battery capacity and can be externally powered if desired.

enLink Zone Plus uses leading edge digital sensors to provide high accuracy, long life, drift free readings without further calibration. The optical CO2 sensor gives ±3% accuracy readings with a sensor life of >15 years.

REQUIRES two Lithium Batteries available here 


enLink Zone Plus accurately measures up to 8 air quality / environmental parameters and transmits the data to the cloud via long range LoRa wireless.

For sound level monitoring the Zone Plus uses a dedicated ARM co-processor for sound processing linked to a highly sensitive omnidirectional MEMS microphone with 24bit digital output to perform highly accurate sound level monitoring with dB(A) measurements.

The additional battery capacity of the Zone Plus allows it to sample the measurements more frequently whilst extending the interval between battery replacements. Up to four AA sized lithium batteries can be used.

For applications where power is available the Zone Plus can be externally powered to offer maintenance free operation.

Air Quality and Environmental data is sent to the cloud via long range LoRa wireless. Data can be analysed using Synetica’s enVision energy platform or other third party application.


The Things Network Ready | IoT Scotland Compatible

Our sensors are easy to deploy, with a range of mounting options and user replaceable batteries offering wire-free installation. They are powered by two 3,6V AA lithium battery. The Battery life is estimated to be up to 3+years but depends on sample interval, transmit interval, data rate, power output and environmental factors. All our enLink sensors are equipped with USB for easy configuration by computer or suitable phone.  Within this application you can change sample rate, data rate, encryption keys, triggers, activation and much more as well as viewing live readings,

Configuration: All of the enLink LoRaWAN Sensors including the enLink ENL-Zone LoRaWAN sensor can be self-configured using the simple USB interface.   We also offer pre-configuration of sensors and gateways to your choice of The Things Network, private LNS, IoT Platform or other services. Contact us for more information.

Frequency and Certification: All our sensors are CE and FCC certified, and available for any region including US902-928, EU863-870, AS923, AU915-928 and KR920-923. Deceleration of Conformity for EU, compliance with FCC Rules and Canada licence-exempt – available on request.

Batteries: Professional EVE lithium ION batteries are recommended given reliable performance across varying temperatures and humidity.   Transport restrictions for batteries may delay some shipments.

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LoRaWAN Features

OTAA, ABP, ADR, Adaptive Channel Setup

Node Weight

60 g excluding batteries / 100g including batteries

Note Dimensions

86 x 86 x 28 mm

Sensor Features

Atmospheric-pressure, VOC, Temperature, Humidity, Light, Sound



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