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MultiTech Lightning Arrestor (MTCDTIP)

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* Highly recommended for all external installations to protect from lightening strikes

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The MultiTech Lightning Arrestor (MTCDTIP) is designed exclusively to protect the IP67 range of the Multitech Gateways. Given the possible harsh environments at height and the risk of lightning, this Lightning Arrestor can be earthed or grounded to protect the unit from strikes.  Sitting between the LoRa Aerial and the Gateway, it provides additional protection and is highly recommended.

This is in addition to the ground options on the Gateway itself.  Always follow the instructions, and always ground the gateway’s before power is applied.

MultiTech Ip67 Gateways:

MultiTech LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateway IP67 Cellular 868 (MTCDTIP-L4E1-266A-868)

MultiTech LoRaWAN Dual Radio Outdoor Gateway Cellular (MTCDTIP-L4E1-266A-868/2)

Multitech Gateway LoRaWAN IP67 868 Base Station (MTCDTIP-266A-868)

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