Multitech IP67 Base Station Cellular (LoRaWAN)

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The MultiTech IP67 Cellular Gateway is a robust enterprise-level outdoor gateway for LoRaWAN solutions. MTCDTIP-LEU1-266A Wired Ethernet and Cellular.  (LoRaWAN Certified Product)

This Cellular version allowing your own sim card to be added delivering either Cellular as primary or fail-over connection.  Includes all aerials (GSM, GPS, LoRa) and backed by extended UK telephone support.

The MultiTech IP67 Cellular Gateway is a ruggedized IoT gateway solution, specifically designed for outdoor LoRa® public or private network deployments.  This highly scalable and certified IP67 solution can operate in the harshest environments including moisture, dust, wind, rain, snow and extreme heat.

This IP67 gateway delivers exceptional LoRaWAN coverage in outdoor spaces covering as much as 20 km line of sight, or up to 5km in rural areas*.  Whether for commercial, community or municipal coverage, it delivers unparalleled coverage with faultless resilience.  With built-in AEP Graphical User Interface, it allows simple installation and remote (web-based) gateway management.

  • Up to 20 km line of sight, 5 km urban, 1 km indoors*
  • Rugged design resisting the harshest environmental factors
  • AEP graphical user interface, and local LoRaWAN server
  • LoRa® Alliance Certified, LoRaWAN ready, CE certified
  • Ethernet (RJ45) and LTE Cellular (SIM)

Frequency, Certification and Configuration
All our gateways are CE certified, and available for any region including US902-928, EU863-870, AS923, AU915-928 and KR920-923.

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