LoRaWAN Workshop

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LoRaWAN is a game changer – transforming the way we collate, transmit and collect data.  It has the potential to cover up to 25km’s, last for up to 10 years from a single battery and cost exceptional little.  It will transform markets giving new granular insights, smarter utilisation and lowering overall opex costs.

But a successful LoRaWAN deployment only exists when there is seamless interoperability and harmony of all of the components. It requires a depth of understanding of how the LoRaWAN network works, the smart use of its features and the correct deployment.  A successful deployment delivering the range, reliability and dependability – only comes when all of the components are aligned.

The LoRaWAN workshop looks in to the technical features of how LoRaWAN works.  More importantly, why pilots and live deployments fail, and how to avoid the pitfalls.  The workshop is carried out by experienced consultants responsible for thousands of sensor installations and hundreds of Gateways.  Their experience as much by the failures along the way as it is the understanding of how LoRaWAN works.

The half day workshop includes:

  • Introduction
    • Setting the Baseline of the Internet of Things
    • Introduction to LoRaWAN (range, power, battery, cost, geo-location)
  • Technical
    • Guide to Chirp technology and the disadvantages of poor use
    • Why using Adaptive Data Rate is so important
    • Channel optimisation, duty cycle and traffic limitations
    • The downfall of two-way communication and its effect on others
    • Gateway deployments in getting the best out of the network
    • Gateway positioning to get the optimum coverage and benefits
    • Public over Private networks, what is the real difference
  • In-depth review 
    • Selection of sensors, chip technology, configuration, provisioning & scale
    • Appropriate choice of gateways, coverage, localised deployments, scale
    • Network selection, resilience, integrations, future functionality

(Half day on site at clients locations – expenses charged in addition)

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