LoRaWAN Gateway Configuration – Indoor

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We offer the optional full provisioning service of Sensors and Gateways to The Things Network LoRaWAN cloud or any other Public and Private LoRaWAN Network Server.  Our LoRaWAN Gateway Configuration ensures your gateways will be delivered fully configured and tested to ensure the successful transmission of data seen by the Things Network.  Each Gateway configured with the Things Network or other LoRaWAN server of your preference.

This service is for the LoRaWAN range of indoor LoRaWAN gateways

We first ensure the LoRaWAN Gateway configuration is optimal to deliver the best range and optimum battery life of the sensors.  The Gateway every much as important as the LoRaWAN Network server and LoRaWAN Sensors in achieving reliable and dependable results.  We then upgrade the Gateway to the latest preferred release.  The LoRaWAN Gateeway then provisioned with your choice of LoRaWAN Network Server.  Dependant on your choice, we install the right packet forwarder to deliver the best results.  Not all packet forwarders are the same and the right packet forwarder is key to your success.

We then perform a comprehensive soak-test ensuring the stable receipt and packet forwarding of live traffic.  Only then do we dispatch the Gateway with your preferred IP settings.

If you wish to use this service, you must add the same quantity of LoRaWAN Gateway Configuration as the gateways you buy.  If you already have a Things Network account , please provide your account username via email once you have placed the order.  If you are using other LoRaWAN Network Servers, we will require a login.  We are Approved Resellers for Loriot, Orbiwise and The Things Network as well as knowledge and experience of other Networks.




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