LoRaWAN Gateway Mapping

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With LoRaWAN RF Gateway  Mapping, given the co-ordinates and height of up to 5 gateways, a Radio Frequency map will be generated of the expected coverage.  As a highly detailed plan, building and land topography will be used to determine anticipated coverage for outdoor gateways and outdoor sensors at a default height of 2m.

The plan is based on very accurate data and represents a very strong guide as to what distances and coverage might be achieved.  By meshing up to 5 gateways together, it provides accurate results on how Gateways can work together.. The output will show expected Dbm (signal strength) through a colour guide.

The chart will not take into account other interference, unknown obstacles or other “unforeseen” natural or man-made attributes which will affect the physics (and therefore achievable results) of Radio Frequency.,    Each wall that an internal sensor has to penetrate to reach outdoors might diminish the Dbm by 10.

The mapping report comes with no guarantee of actual coverage due to unknown interferences.

(Contact us for: Up to 100 gateways , altering default sensor height of 2m, using more detailed Lidar data)

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