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LoRaWAN Sensors & Devices

LoRaWAN Sensors & Devices

A comprehensive selection of the most stable and reliable LoRaWAN sensors, proven to give dependable results over many years.  Simple NFC configuration, open network support and exceptional battery life over great distances.  All sensors LoRaWAN Alliance Certified to the latest standards and essential best practice with full CE and FCC.   Every sensor tested line of sight to 20km’s and indoors to 800metres.  Each sensor provided with accurate battery life calculations defining the number of unattended years nodes may operate.  All common international LoRaWAN frequencies supported.  Concept13 understands and only promotes LoRaWAN sensors that combine exceptional firmware, solid engineering and leading manufacture. This is why every Sensor we sell is backed by our own extended warranty, guaranteed results and money back offer. All our LoRaWAN sensors delivering long term results with absolute reliability to ensure product life-time value.

Guaranteed results | Simple configuration | Years of operation

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