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LoRaWAN Accessories & Extras

LoRaWAN Accessories & Extras

The essential range of LoRaWAN Accessories to compliment your LoRaWAN solution.   Our Lithium Ion batteries delivering the essential burst of power and battery capacity to deliver up to 10 years of unattended operation. Our range of sensory probes providing external measurements including soil moisture, object distance, utility monitoring and many other use-cases.  Our gateway accessories delivering the necessary power and protection from lightening for every outdoor environment.  Concept13 through its expertise in every channel and use-case, helping identify the best accessories to deliver new levels of intelligence in your market. LoRaWAN acting as a communications bridge, data forwarder or modem – delivering remote insights over great distances on exceptionally low power. Our consultancy services identifying and sourcing the best technology for your needs.  The accessories listed only a fraction of the endless possibilities and connectivity for LoRaWAN.

Unlimited connectivity | Remote insights | Every use-case

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