Concept13: Picking robust IoT solutions

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IoT is all about providing decision-makers with faster and more valuable data to address such challenges now and in the future.

Modern life is full of challenges that are testing us as businesses, as individuals, and even as humankind. The IoT is all about providing decision-makers with faster and more valuable data to address such challenges now and in the future.

Concept13 is an IoT strategy consultancy with vast experience crafting bespoke solutions for multiple industries. The company mixes its own knowledge with real-world testing and even RF mapping to ensure optimal deployments on a case-by-case basis.


AI News caught up with Steven Drewett, Director of Innovation at Concept13, to discuss how the company picks IoT solutions and how they can be used to address modern challenges.


You can read the full article here:


Steven Drewett, Concept13: On picking robust IoT solutions to address modern challenges

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