MultiTech LoRaWAN Gateways

Concept13 are proud to be one of MultiTechs’ longest standing European partners for the sale, support and configuration of their LoRaWAN gateways.  To date, we’ve sold over a thousand MultiTech LoRaWAN gateways and supported city-wide and enterprise-wide deployments.

We understand MultiTech gateways and the optimum configuration for projects.

MultiTech Gateways - Compare features

MultiTech Conduit AP LoRaWAN Cellular Gateway 868MTCAP-xxxx-868-xxxAMultiTech Conduit AP LoRaWAN Cellular Gateway 868Cellular, Ethernet, External Aerial, Internal Aerial, POE£260.00£362.50 Excl. TaxIndoor
MultiTech Gateway LoRaWAN Indoor 915 (US)MTCAP-LNA3-915-001AMultiTech Gateway LoRaWAN Indoor 915 (US)915, Cellular, Ethernet£260.00£347.50 Excl. TaxIndoor
MultiTech Conduit IP67 200 Series LoRaWAN GatewaysMTCDTIP-266A-868-1MultiTech Conduit IP67 200 Series LoRaWAN GatewaysEthernet, External Aerial, Internal Aerial£507.50£687.50 Excl. TaxIndoor, Outdoor
MultiTech Industrial LoRa GatewayMTCDT-L4E1-246A-868MultiTech Industrial LoRa GatewayCellular, Ethernet, External Aerial£620.00£665.00 Excl. TaxIndoor
MultiTech Conduit IP67 Base StationMTCDTIP-266A-868MultiTech Conduit IP67 Base StationEthernet, GPS£907.50£1,190.00 Excl. TaxOutdoor
MultiTech LoRaWAN IP67 Geo-location v2.1 IP67 (MTCDTIP-L4E1-270A-868)MTCDTIP-L4E1-270A-868MultiTech LoRaWAN IP67 Geo-location v2.1 IP67 (MTCDTIP-L4E1-270A-868)Cellular, Ethernet, Geo-location, GPS£1,835.00 Excl. TaxOutdoor

Who Are MultiTech

MultiTech are recognised as a global leader in LoRaWAN and cellular gateways for IoT.  


Their products use leading, proven wireless technologies to enable simple, scalable connectivity between assets and applications, leveraging standards-based, open architectures for maximum flexibility.


MultiTech have been around since 1970.  In 2008 they began to develop a new class of machine-to-machine applications.  Their LoRaWAN Gateway solutions are based on their reliable and resilient indoor and outdoor conduits.



MultiTech Introduction

MultiTech LoRaWAN Gateways

MultiTech LoRaWAN Gateways

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