A successful LoRaWAN™ infrastructure only exists when there is seamless interoperability and harmony of all of the components.  The cornerstone of any resilient IoT network is invariably the LoRaWAN™ network.  At Concept 13, we supply, configure, install, manage and support your entire LoRaWAN solution – everything including Sensors, Gateways and The Things Industries LoRaWAN Network Servers.  Backed by our IoT consulting services, we ensure a seamless, cost-feasible, risk-averse and quickly deployed IoT solution that delivers the reliability business depends on.    

We Sell the very best Sensors, Gateways and private LoRaWAN Networks

At Concept13 we handpick, rigorously test, configure and then manage the very best Sensors, Gateways and LoRaWAN networks to facilitate dependability and performance.  With over four years experience of LoRaWAN deployments, we know what works, but more importantly we know what doesn’t. Sensors, Gateways and LoRaWAN networks that work with absolute alignment in delivering dependable results. 

  • Sensors (from £45)

    • Comprehensive range of sensors
    • In-stock and ready to ship next day
    • Up to 10 years from one AA battery
    • Rural coverage up to 20 miles (3 urban)
    • Wire-free, self-install deployments

  • Gateways (from £225)

    • Outdoor IP67 covering up to 25 miles
    • Industrial for warehouse and retail
    • Indoor for deep building penetration
    • Optional cellular backhaul or backup
    • Fully certified for UK, EU, US and more

  • LoRaWAN (from £150)

    • Private Things Industries Instance (Bundle)
    • Unlimited number of Client Applications
    • No limit on the number of Gateways
    • Full Service Level Agreement (99.9%)
    • Carrier grade automatic scalling

We optionally Configure, Install and Provision the entire LoRaWAN stack

At Concept13 we know how important it is to professionally configure, install and fine tune a LoRaWAN network.   LoRaWAN offers a potential for a paradigm technological shift, but it is still very much an emerging technology.  Concept13  have the expertise, experience, knowledge and know-how it takes to custom configure each component to provide the best stability, reliability, distance and battery life.

  • Sensors Configured (£5)

    • Configured to your unique settings
    • Provisioned for maximum coverage
    • Fine tuned for optimum battery life
    • Fully registered in LoRaWAN Networks
    • 12hour live data delivery soak test

  • Gateways Setup (£100)

    • Firmware upgraded to latest patch
    • Optimised for signal coverage and range
    • Added security and remote management
    • Connected to Things Network/Industries
    • 24hour live soak test and resilience test

  • LoRaWAN Provisioned (£250)

    • Configure Private LoRaWAN Instance
    • Setup of client data Integrations
    • Decoder development and consultancy
    • Application data Integration support
    • Training and Consultancy in LoRaWAN

We optionally Support with full SLA from one point of contact

At Concept13 we understand that the reliability of your LoRaWAN stack drives the life-time value of your proposition. A dead Sensor, a failed Gateway or a mis-configured LoRaWAN Network Server impacting commercial viability, financial value and reputation.  This is why Concept13 provide on-going managed solutions and extended warranties to safe guard your investment

Brilliant Support all in one place

  • Sensor Support (£0.15p)

    • UK Telephone and Email support
    • Reactive response to Sensor outages
    • Poor signal performance analysis
    • Extended warranty next day replacement*
    • Proactive alerting to sensor outages**

  • Managed Gateways (£20)

    • Proactive monitoring and alerting
    • Signal and traffic fault diagnosis
    • Remote firmware and patch upgrades
    • 24hour warranty replacement*
    • Advanced performance management**

  • LoRaWAN Support (£50)

    • Priority extended 2nd line TTI support*
    • Up-time availability reporting and alerting
    • Proactive management and consultancy
    • Responsive traffic LoRaWAN stack analysis
    • Advanced signal analysis & roaming**


T:  0333 335 0345    M:  INFO@CONCEPT13.CO.UK

(Reseller and Partner to: Elsys –  MultiTech – The Things Industries)