Your Strategic LoRaWAN Partners

Concept13 understands first-hand how powerful LoRaWAN can be in driving new opportunities through the technical advancements LoRaWAN delivers.  It is though, still an emerging technology, requiring the skills, experience and knowledge to bring the various components together.  A poorly configured stack reducing effectiveness, lost messages and poor battery life.  Having strategic LoRaWAN Experts as your Partner, will ensure the seamless, cost-feasible and risk-averse approach to LoRaWAN.  For this reason we have created the “LoRaWAN Partnership Programme”.  


By partnering with Concept13, we will support your journey and success through our combined LoRaWAN experts knowledge.   Our expert IoT consulting services combined with streamlined sourcing, supplying and configuring of the latest LoRaWAN sensors, LoRaWAN gateways and LoRaWAN networks so that you stand the very best chance of implementing IoT that delivers definite tangible value.  On top of this we promise to be cheaper than any other supplier on the products we sell, we offer collaborative pricing and full sales support.  And if you don’t save money or gain value from our expertise, we will provide our services for free .  What we will not do is compete in your market, in your vertical space, with your business. 


At the moment data is delivered in to your systems, that’s where our work ends – and the true value begins.

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The LoRaWAN Partner Programme

  • Further Discounted Pricing with extended payment terms and our margins locked at the minimum necessary to support our services for volume (based on tiered price points).  Our prices guaranteed to be lower than the manufacturers own recommended or advertised pricing (taking into account shipping/duties/currency).
  • Dedicated Product Availability of reserved stock specifically held for our Partners offering same day processing for next day delivery.  Our partners given priority for all product orders and optional gateway or sensor provisioning so that localised or in-house stock is not required and the latest firmware assured.
  • Inclusive support of one LoRaWAN Network Server tenant providing response led single point of contact for your entire LoRaWAN eco-system of Sensors, Gateways and LNS.  LoRaWAN Network Servers supported include Loriot, Orbiwise, Wasney, Things Network and Things Industries.
  • Unlimited Sales Advice by our experienced consultants in helping you win new LoRaWAN business.  Expert help, consultancy, site installation advice and competitive quotations.  As your Strategic LoRaWAN partners, we work behind the scenes giving you the additional support to secure your new deals.
  • Direct Product Support via telephone or email from our experts for the products you have purchased – for the duration of the partnership.  Comprehensive and rapid response and resolution to all of your technical LoRaWAN questions without delay by using our priority support channels to our suppliers.
  • Community Co-Operative Purchasing inviting other partners to join existing orders in collaboratively lowering the price of products when placed at the same time.  The opportunity for partners (confidentially) to invite other partners to merge medium term orders in driving lower costs on combined volumes.
  • Additional LoRaWAN Provisioning services such as individual LoRaWAN RF mapping services, optional configuration/provisioning/soak testing of sensors and gateways.  On larger orders, option to factory configure LoRaWAN devices to a partners exact specifications with CSV exports.
  • Free On-Site LoRaWAN Training Workshop delivering detailed insights of LoRaWAN from our wealth of expertise of what works and what doesn’t.  On-going insights and product updates regularly shared.  Direct access to new tools such as Location based Configuration apps freely provided.
  • A quarterly contract you can Cancel Anytime – no questions asked, no lock in  With a value guarantee that if within one quarterly billing period you don’t save more on product discounts than the cost of the programme and you don’t use our services, we will credit the fees back so the next quarter is free. 

Partner Programme Commitment

  • Our commitment to you is we will never sell direct to your clients or compete in your area of expertise or markets and do our upmost to promote our partners to any opportunities we may hear of.   We are not solution specialists, and will remain focused in supporting our partners – not competing with them.
  • Your commitment to us is that you will prioritise acquiring products & services through us for the specific named products and services that we sell.  We respect you may need to validate our pricing or might seek supplier supportive pricing on larger volumes, for which we promise to support you in such open discussions.


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