IoT Consultant Lawrence Archard

Lawrence Archard

Lawrence has been an engineering consultant since 1994, experiencing a very wide variety of projects. His early work was to build two consortia of major companies in connected kitchen appliances and toys, initiating work on communication protocols now in common use. This set him up well for what became known as The Internet of Things.

He enjoys high-volume, cost-sensitive applications, not just in consumer products, and has applied mass-market sensors in unexpected new areas. One product used mobile-phone camera chips to reduce the cost of a medical product by a factor of ten. Other projects took measurements underneath Belgian canals, communicated acoustically along pipes and used trained honey-bees to sniff explosives.

Recently he was hired by the BBC to help establish and then engineer the micro:bit project, delivering a million Bluetooth-connected computers at a price low enough to be given away to every year 7 schoolchild in the UK.

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