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Independent LoRaWAN consultancy and sales agency, providing the best in LoRaWAN .  Experience of over a thousand installations, across every sector, market and across the world.

1Leading authority in LoRaWAN with over five years experience in LoRaWAN deployments and the right selection of LoRaWAN technology to get results. We know what works and what doesn’t. Our experience ensuring you get dependable results first time and every time. LoRaWAN results you can rely on for accurate readings, time and time again with absolute confidence in message delivery

2Over 100,000 sensor deployments across over a thousand sites. Our services assisting organisations, municipals and start-ups in every scenario and market. From social housing to street lights, river levels to mountain land slides. From land to sea installations, from London to Colombia, America and Nepal. Our services behind some of the biggest and most innovative LoRaWAN projects across the world.

3Real-world experience of the latest features and concepts including MultiCast, Firmware Over the Air Updates (FUOTA) and GeoLocation.  Strategic advice on the opportunities, challenges and technical requirements for large scale deployments.  Our expertise guiding our partners on considering future growth, how to scale, simplify deployments and minimise future support.

4Strategic & Commercially led advice ensuring a seamless, cost-feasible and risk-averse approach.  Sourcing the very best LoRaWAN Sensors, Gateways and Networks to facilitate your end-solutions dependability, performance and ultimate value.   Concept13 guiding partners through the pitfalls of the latest emerging technology to the benefits and value of hardened and proven solutions.

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