Concept13 – How we work

We identify, source, configure and optionally provision your entire LoRaWAN deployment. We provide the LoRaWAN expertise and physical handling so you can focus on the solution and insights.

1Understand your LoRaWAN needs through early stage discussion and optional workshops to ensure a technology and partnership fit.  Our LoRaWAN workshops considering the commercial and technical opportunities and challenges of LoRaWAN.  The outcome helping identify if your needs are as simple as acquiring self-serve LoRaWAN products right through to complex bespoke deployment customisation.

2Act as your Strategic LoRaWAN partner through sourcing and supplying the appropriate LoRaWAN technology for your market.   Sometimes price driven, sometimes battery life-time performance, but always ensuring LoRaWAN products that will out-perform your requirements.  Concept13 asking the questions of suppliers and then performing rigorous testing to ensure adherence to the latest standards.

3Optional – Provisioning and Delivery services of your LoRaWAN Sensors or LoRaWAN Gateways, configured and provisioned same day to your preferred public or private LoRaWAN Network Server instance.  The end to end LoRaWAN solution powered and tested to ensure accurate insights and reliable data messages.  The solution then packaged (with your branding if required) and priority dispatch.

4Single point of contact for your entire LoRaWAN network from the point data is collected to the point data leaves the LoRaWAN network.  Concept13 available to react to and diagnose your enter LoRaWAN stack to ensure seamless operation.  Concept13 providing a second layer of support and proactive response of LoRaWAN on top of your direct and unhindered access direct to suppliers or service suppliers.

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