LoRaWAN Gateways

LoRaWAN Gateways are long-range routers (or packet forwarders) equipped with a LoRa concentrator allowing them to receive LoRaWAN messages from up to 25km’s away (800m indoors).  Each LoRaWAN Gateway can support 1000’s of sensors, providing unparalleled coverage.  Find out more.


Concept 13 are the UK’s leading reseller of LoRaWAN gateways and one of the largest UK approved resellers for the MultiTech LoRa Gateways.  We stock a range of LoRa Gateway Accessories.  We are experts on LoRaWAN network deployments, with over 100 clients using our products.  We offer pre-sales advice on the right gateway for your project.  We can pre-configure your gateways for any network.   Our unique Concept13 partner programme gives you access to significant discounts on large orders, enhanced technical support and 3-year hardware warranties with next-day returns.  We offer the best advice on the setup and configuration of your LoRaWAN Gateways to support thousands of nodes with confidence.

  • We are Europe's leading LoRaWAN Experts
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  • To the UK, Europe and Worldwide
  • Orders before 12:00 dispatched same-day
  • Dependable LoRaWAN devices
  • From UK & EU leading manufacturers
  • Fully tested, in real-world scenarios
  • Tracked DHL 24/48hr delivery

Concept13 Partner Programme

Exclusive LoRaWAN pricing, support & Trade Terms

Created to provide unique benefits such as enhanced discounts, a three-year extended warranty*, and comprehensive technical support for all things related to LoRaWAN. This service helping solution providers and system integrators scale through lower pricing, provisioning services, product branding, and direct shipment to end clients.

Bringing over 8 years of expertise in LoRaWAN, we stand as Europe’s foremost authorities in this field. Today, we assist our Partners in production, managing, and supporting more than 500,000 sensors, over thousands of gateways including some of Europe’s largest regional networks

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